The Skywalk is our most unique attraction, which sets us apart from anyone in the industry. Our Skywalk, indoor rope course, starts from ground zero and goes up 18 feet up in the air, wraps around the circumference of the park, having 12 adventure elements within the entire adventure course, that will have you floating 18 ft in the air, testing you in a number of different tasks, balance, flexibility, endurance, and excitement, ending with a choice of either taking a fun & slippery slide, which crashes on the foam pit pool -OR- taking the leap-of-faith, where you are jumping off a platform from 18 feet high, trying to grab a punching bag and finally falling straight in the foam pit!

Skywalk has been designed and constructed by industry leading architects and engineers, using the best technology available to ensure a smooth, safe, exciting and an exhilarating experience not found anywhere else. This indoor adventure ropes course is a one of a kind, must do attraction that is thrilling for the entire family. It is also an excellent venue for corporate team building, corporate events, fundraisers, school events and anyone who is up for an adventure!

Adventure Elements include:

  • Pirate Ladder
  • Balance Beam
  • Multi-Vine activity
  • Lilly Pads
  • Split Railroad
  • Tarzan Swings (2 of them)
  • Burma loop bridge
  • Zig-Zag bridge
  • Trapeze Jump
  • Leap of Faith
  • Slide into fun

*Participants must be (12 years or older) OR height requirement (55″) in order to participate on the Skywalk.
*Closed toe shoes (sneakers) are required to be worn for Skywalk.

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