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At Jump Around, we take special care and attention when catering towards special needs children and children with disabilities. We are wheel-chair friendly, we have trained staff and we can work with special needs instructor/parents to cater towards any customized needs they may have including audio-video-lighting requirements, to make the environment more comfortable for special needs children and children with disabilities.

We would also be pleased to hold a private event for special needs children and children with disabilities so they can play and participate in the privacy of their instructor and families.

Please contact us at 619 210 0236 for more information.

Many parents are looking for safe, comfortable, and quiet ways for their children to exercise. Trampolines are a great tool to help keep them stimulated and active.

Some of the beneficial effects of trampolining are:

  • An aerobic effect on the body, improving the intake of oxygen, to the benefit of the heart and lungs.
  • An effect on muscles, increasing the muscles’ capacity for work.
  • An effect on circulation – of particular value in instances where there is an interruption of the normal circulatory system, such as trauma.
  • An effect on joints, strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joint, and improving movement (and reducing the risk of developing some forms of arthritis).
  • An effect of the internal organs. Even in seemingly passive activities on the trampoline, the effect of movement and the slightly increased G-force will be affecting the internal organs. This activity will be stimulating areas such as digestion and bowels, and will over a period enhance their efficiency.

The act of jumping has many health benefits; burns calories, releases endorphins, and also stimulates brain cells as well as exercises all the cells in your body. Trampolines for special needs children are becoming more and more popular. They are quickly becoming an asset for the parent and child relationship and are more than a toy or a tool, but a necessity.

Jumping on trampolines is a perfect activity for special needs children because it helps them improve their balance and can even be therapeutic, especially for children with autism, as the bouncing motion feels good to the child and helps them become aware of their body positions.

Children with limited or reduced vision often have problems with coordination and eye-hand coordination may be non-existent.

Bouncing is repetitive and your child is in constant motion. It requires the eye to constantly move and adjust as the field of vision changes. This ‘vision exercise’ can improve your child’s ability to focus and improve eye-hand coordination.

Using the trampoline in conjunction with simple visual exercises can strengthen his or her visual skills and give your child a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Regular use of a trampoline helps to strengthen bones, develop muscle tone and improves balance and kinesthetic responsiveness. When they’re bouncing, children develop balance and how to position their body to do certain movements. Young children develop large motor skills while learning how to do basic bounce maneuvers.

Developing muscle mass and strengthening bone density aids children who have physical limitations. By maximizing their strength and agility, they are able to move more independently and develop self-confidence.

Bouncing increases a child’s ability to integrate their movements into coordinated, full body motions and increases their spatial awareness.

Many special needs children are somewhat sedentary while others have way too much energy. Both these categories of children can benefit through trampoline jumping.

For the sedentary child, bouncing is a good form of exercise that exercises and strengthens all the body’s muscles as well as burns calories and improves coordination. Increased mobility can give a child more energy and help with general health such as aerobic and circulatory stimulation.

For the over-active child, a trampoline can get rid of that excess energy. With a good, vigorous workout, children are able to settle down and focus.

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