Foam Pit Jumps

Jump Around Now is proud to have the largest foam pit area you are ever to find. It’s a foam pool. And on top of the foam, we have incorporated several challenges to keep it fun:

Gladiator fight, where you are trying to balance yourself on a beam + fight your opponent using foam bats, which challenges your balancing skill and it’s great fun; Monkey bars, where you are trying to go all the way back on the foam pit, a challenging element; a Slide, that drops you off from 18 feet high; Fidget ladder, where you are balancing yourself on the ropes on top of the foam pit and testing your balance, flexibility to see if you can make it all the way to the back; and finally a Performance trampoline on the foam pit, which is a perfect setting for you to try gymnastics and somersault on the trampoline, landing on the foam.

It’s a great way to incorporate excitement into your workout routine, that are sure to test your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.

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